Session #3
Friday Late Afternoon Workshops (Adult)

"Better Late Than Early" – Kh. Helen Waggener

An introduction to the educational philosophy of Raymond and Dorothy Moore, pioneers  of  the homeschooling movement.  Their insights into the best way to educate your child may come as a surprise…and a relief!  The Moores’ research brought together the major disciplines of early learning (the brain, the senses, reason, and social-emotional development) to help educators teach at the readiness level of the child.  Homeschooling can be done with minimal expense and minimal curricular support.  Our goal is to raise children who can think for themselves as well as to think of others.

The Waggeners homeschooled their four sons from about 1985 until 2004. Part of that time they both taught their 4 sons in a Christian School.  They used varying curricula, including Rod & Staff, ABeka, the Great Books, and the public library.  This was done in 4 different states and 3 different Church homes.  They entered the Orthodox Church in 2006 after a long “romance” with Orthodoxy. They have been married for 45 years.  Fr. Alban is the pastor of Holy Trinity parish in Lynchburg, Va.  Kh. Helen has taught art classes at homeschool co-ops for 20 years.

"Homeschooling High School: Thoughts from the Trenches" - Vicki Ghareeb

Homeschooling High school be can be intimidating! Sometimes hearing others’ stories can bring hope and encouragement! We will share tips and tactics for this challenging and rewarding phase of homeschooling!

Although she still feels like a newbie, Vicki Ghareeb has officially homeschooling for 14 years. She and her husband George are blessed with 8 children ranging from 19 to 1. In addition to being active members at St George Orthodox Cathedral in the Toledo. OH area, they have recently helped to form a scouting ministry using the parish as a home base for Trail Life and American Heritage Girls troops.

"Stay in the Boat with Jesus and the Apostles" - Fr. Patrick Cardine

The number of young people who walk away from the Church in their early adult years is staggering and tragic. Parents and Church leaders are often at a loss as to what to do to insure their children will remain in the Faith. While we can't guarantee that our children will remain faithful there are effective things we can do  as parents, clergy and mentors to give  them the best opportunity to stay connected to the Church  especially as they enter adulthood and the spiritual battle that seeks to pull them away.

Father Patrick Cardine is the priest at St. Patrick Orthodox Church in Bealeton VA. He and his wife Kh. Kerrie have six children all of which have been home schooled. The Parish also has a large home schooling community, over the last 10 + years there have been 50 more or less, home schooled children growing up at St. Patrick's. This experience has had a strong impact on the philosophy of parenting and training our children as well as the youth ministry at the Parish.

"More than Money Matters: Teaching Our Kids about Faith and Finances" - Fr. Ben Kjendal

Who's talking to your kids about money? 72% of parents are somewhat reluctant to discuss financial topics with their kids!  

TV, movies, friends, and websites all can influence our children's attitudes about money.  Are we equipped to manage their expectations in light of all the marketing messages?  

This workshop takes a unique stewardship approach to teaching money management to our children.  It gives you the tools to help your kids learn about three important choices they can make with their money: share, save, and spend.  Whether you've already started having these conversations with your children, or perhaps you need to first be having them with yourselves, this is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the values you want your kids to learn about responsible money management and stewardship.

Fr. Benjamin Kjendal pastors St. Michael the Archangel Antiochian Orthodox Church on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, where he and his wife are raising their eight children. Fr. Ben has been in and out of the financial industry since attending the University of New Hampshire, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Economics in 2002.  For the last five years he has worked with Thrivent Financial, a Fortune 500 company that leads Christians to be wise with money and live generously.