Mid-West Conference - Children's Program


Young Children w/ Caroline Gann

Caroline will be teaching a class for younger children to prepare them for the feast day of the Synaxis of Saint Michael the Archangel and the other bodiless powers (Nov. 8). We will read a book about angels, and supplement it with a role play/dress up activity, songs, and crafts around
the theme.

Older Children w/ Marian Adams

Marian will be teaching a class for the older kids about how to draw a saint as a line drawing, with special emphasis on clothes, hair, and facial features. Students are encouraged to bring a favorite icon with them, but she will have some available as well. Draw Near Designs will consider including any outstanding drawings for the next Orthodox Children’s Calendar that we make!

Teens w/ Laura Stade

Essential Skills for Better Digital Decision Making ~ Digital Native is a term used to refer to anyone whose entire life has been spent with access to the internet. Often, young people have a great deal of information about accessing and using technology. Digital Citizenship refers to having the ability to not only access and use these tools, but to think critically about them and to use them safely, respectfully, and responsibly. This session will explore boundaries, privacy, and what responsibility looks like in the digital realm.