Mid-West Lectures & Workshops (Adults)

"Finding Balance in Our Homeschool Lives"
In this session, Mat. Jennifer Levine will briefly explore how expectations, boundaries, forgiveness, grace, and contentment are integral to a healthy homeschool family lifestyle. There will be an opportunity to engage in a small creative work and a breathing exercise as examples of
ways to relax and bring something beautiful to our lives.

"Giftedness and Special Needs: Considerations for your Family Planet" with Kh. Kristina Gillquist

"Homeschooling Through the High School Years: A Panel Discussion"
Melissa Naasko and Mat. Jennifer Levine will be sharing their individual experiences of homeschooling their children through high school, followed by the opportunity to ask Melissa and Mat. Jennifer questions.

"Learning with the Seasons: What Homesteading has Taught Me About

Melissa Naasko will be speaking on finding a natural rhythm of teaching and learning developed while homeschooling on her family's small farm. Children grow and develop over time and every year is a new year with new opportunities. Melissa will focus on helping homeschooling parents learn how to think in terms of seasonal goals that are in synch with their children's mental, emotional, and physical growth.

"Orthodox Christian Homeschoolers and the 21stCentury University"
This talk will provide a basic introduction to the sorts of skills and information that a graduating homeschool student should know before his or her first year of undergraduate study in a typical American university.  My insights come from my experience as both a parent-teacher of homeschoolers and a professor of American undergraduates.  These insights emphasize the academic aspects of the college experience (e.g., how to navigate substantive disagreements with professors and students in a non-Orthodox Christian environment, how to extract “the precious from the worthless,” etc.). In addition to providing an introduction to such skills and information, I hope to provide a lengthy question and answer component to my talk such that students and parents can prepare themselves for the jump to college life and some of its challenges.

"Orthodox Curriculum Writing Initiative"
The first ever Orthodox Curriculum Writing Initiative Conference was held in the Chicago area in August 2018. What were the goals of this conference? How does this pertain to us as Orthodox homeschooling families and how can I be involved in it?

"The Dad Factor: Daily Life in Our Little Church"
Les Hock will discuss techniques and activities he has successfully incorporated into his family’s homeschooling over the years, despite a busy work schedule and frequent travel. He will also discuss the importance and role of a father in day-to-day learning, as well as in the spiritual life of his family. Towards the end of the session, Les will open a collaborative discussion that will provide an opportunity for Q&A as well as what others have successfully implemented as well.

"Reading Good Books"
What makes a book good? How can parents help teach their children to enjoy books that can be described as good—as opposed to those that are merely entertaining or amusing?  How can parents identify these books and help their children learn to love to read them?  Adam Lockridge will provide some guidance for parents who want to help their elementary and middle school children develop good reading habits.

"Reading Great Books"
What are the Great Books, and why should Orthodox Christians read them?  When we read the Great Books, how should we approach them and what should we expect to learn?  Which ones should we read, when, and in what order?  Adam Lockridge will share some of the fruits of his experience teaching Great Books to Orthodox homeschool students at St. Raphael School, and he will offer some advice to parents on how to incorporate these works into a feasible plan for home education.

"Running the Homeschool Marathon: Making a Start"
With sixteen years of homeschooling under her belt and experience with a variety of needs and abilities, Jennifer Hock will be talking to parents who are just beginning their own homeschool journey and also to seasoned parents who are looking for some ideas to overcome those rough spots that inevitably pop up now and then. She will be explaining the goal of homeschooling as Orthodox Christians, a very brief overview of the various homeschooling methods, why every homeschool will look different even amongst Orthodox homeschoolers, and how to prepare and structure your homeschool based on your family’s needs - from homeschooling with a wide range of ages to recognizing different learning strengths.

"Running the Homeschool Marathon: Living Our Faith"
We all strive to live our faith in every moment of our lives. As Orthodox Christian homeschooling families, we have a unique opportunity to weave our faith into our daily rhythm. Jennifer Hock will explore the questions: What does this realistically look like in day to day life, especially when every family has different circumstances and needs? How can our family begin, and then expand on, using the rhythm of the church year as a foundation on which to create our own family homeschool rhythm?

"Strong Marriages = Strong Families"
As Orthodox, we value the home and the family very highly:  the fruit of our sacramental marriage, the primary arena of the spiritual struggle, and the springboard for raising our children.  However, with the stressers of finances, nourishment, activities, liturgical life, ministry, education, and co-ops, we can easily lose sight of the most important human relationship: our marriages.  Fr. Noah will be sharing from his experience and the witness of the Saints and Scriptures an inspiring and entertaining yet realistic view on building up our  marriages to Glory's glory, to our children's success, and our salvation.