Mid-West Volunteers

By registering as an adult volunteer at the mid-west conference, YOU ARE AGREEING TO WORK FOR ONE HOUR DURING THE CONFERENCE in one of four areas:

  1. Children's Workshops
  2. Meal Set-Up & Clean-Up
  3. Photography
  4. Post-Conference Clean-Up

Volunteers receive a $25.00 discount on registration!

Jennifer Hock will contact you via email or phone in September to set-up your time slot and the area you will be volunteering in during the conference.

Children's Workshops
If you volunteer to help in the children's workshops, you will be assigned to a group of children with at least one other adult. Please check-in at the registration table to receive your bucket containing your activity for the hour with your group of children and then return the bucket to the registration table after your session. Please clean up prior to turning in your bucket and do not leave your children until the next set of adults show up to take over.

Meal Set-Up & Clean-Up
If you volunteer to help with meal set-up and clean-up, you will be helping the meal coordinator to put the food and drinks out on the counter in the main hall prior to the meal. You will also check to see if tables need to be cleaned or trash needs to be taken to the dumpster after the meal.

Photography (Archive)
If you volunteer to help archive our first Mid-west St. Emmelia's Conference, then you will be taking photos of either the children's sessions or adult sessions during your one hour of volunteer time.  Information will be provided in September on where you will send the photos after you take them so we can share them on the mid-west website.  (You do not need to have a professional camera in order to volunteer in this area.)

Post-Conference Clean-Up
If you volunteer to help clean after the conference, you will be helping on Saturday evening to put any chairs or tables back to where they need to be for Sunday, take out trash, sweep, wash tables, and make sure all of our stuff is out of the church's facilities.