Session #5
Saturday Afternoon Workshops (Adult)

"Harnessing Your Planning Worries: Setting Goals and Following Through" - Susan Papademetris

In this workshop, we will explore ideas and strategies for creating, and sticking to, both long- and short-term goals. I will encourage you to reflect on your reasons for homeschooling, including your ultimate vision for your children’s upbringing. I will discuss making method, structure and curriculum choices consistent with your homeschooling mission and your family’s particularities. I will offer some pointers for translating these longer-term commitments into achievable short-term plans. I’ll also talk a bit about how to appropriately deal with the mid-year “greener grass” temptation of that perfect curriculum or method that you just know will solve all of your problems. Finally, I’ll suggest some tips for accommodating the unexpected amid all this planning!

Susan Papademetris began homeschooling in 2007. Her older child now attends a private high school while she continues to homeschool her younger, who could not be more different as a student. Susan has followed a loosely classical model in her homeschooling. When she is not teaching or playing chauffeur, she can be found singing in her church choir, baking prosfora, or working on church finances. She and her family hail from Connecticut.

"Wholly and Holy - Talking With Your Kids About Sex and Sexuality" - Monica Klepac and Panel

It’s one of the most intimidating tasks of parenting: talking with our children regarding sexuality and sex.  Instead of being a task we dread, having honest discussions with our children can be a way to create a stronger connection with our children. The purpose of this forum is to give you practical tools for creating a safe emotional space where conversations and questions regarding this important topic can take place in the home. The panel will include Monica Klepac, Fr. Anthony Yazge, Fr. Noah and Khouria Elizabeth Bushelli, and George and Vicki Ghareeb.

Monica Klepac, moderator

Monica is a mom of three children: two boys ages 15 and 11 and 4 year old daughter.  She has homeschooled all her children and is a leader in her local homeschool community in Wilmore, Ky.  She teaches church school at St. Andrew Antiochian Orthodox church.  When she isn’t acting as ringleader of her domestic circus, she keeps her sanity through reading fiction, quilting and knitting.

Fr. Noah & Kh. Elizabeth Bushelli

Fr. Noah is grateful to be married to a living saint, Kh. Elizabeth, who homeschools their eight marvelous children.  He is an Archpriest in the Antiochian Archdiocese and was received into the Orthodox Church in 1994.  He met his wife at a Vespers service in Alaska and still remembers the joyous and awkward moment.  After graduating from University of Alaska Anchorage with a B. Ed. in 2000, they moved to St. Vladimir's Seminary where he graduated with an M. Div. in 2004 with his thesis exploring St. John Chrysostom's notion of the Church as a Spiritual Hospital.  After serving St. Nicholas in Bridgeport, CT for three years he moved to St. Philip in Souderton, PA in 2006.  He is grateful to raise his family in this warm, generous, faithful and vibrant community and is working very hard to meet the demands of parish life as well as focus on "the one thing needful".

George and Vicki Ghareeb

George and Vicki Ghareeb have officially been homeschooling for 14 years. They are blessed with 8 children ranging from 19 to 1. In addition to being active members at St George Orthodox Cathedral in the Toledo. OH area, they have recently helped to form a scouting ministry using the parish as a home base for Trail Life and American Heritage Girls troops.

Fr. Anthony Yazge

Fr. Anthony Yazge  is Director of the Antiochian Village Camp for the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese. He has been honored as the recipient of the Al Senavitis Lifetime Achievement Award for the service that he offered to Special Olympics athletes through Special Olympics training camp which he oversees at the Antiochian Village every summer.   

"So, What Am I Supposed to Do?" A roundtable discussion on life as the non-teaching spouse in a homeschooling family - Deacon Sean Reid

Life as the non-teaching spouse in a homeschooling family can sometimes be disorienting. How do we build a great homeschooling partnership with our spouse? How can we shape a role for ourselves that complements and supports the needs of our teaching-spouse? How do we do our part without stepping on toes? How do we find meaning in a role that is hard to define and often goes unrecognized? How do we know if we are doing a good job?

This interactive roundtable will explore these and other questions frequently on the minds of non-teaching spouses in homeschool families - whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years.

Discussion Facilitator Deacon Sean Reid is a husband and father to two tween-age daughters. He and his wife, Matushka Juliana (Bethany), have been homeschooling their kids for about 5 years. In his day job, he is an executive with a Canadian construction industry association. He lives in a small town near Hamilton, Ontario, where he serves as a Deacon at All Saints of North America Orthodox Church (OCA).