2019 South Lectures & Workshops (Adults)

Session 1

"Beginning to Chart a Course: Homeschool 101" (Roundtable)
with Christi Ghiz and Hope Reynolds

"Staying the Course in Rough Waters: Homeschooling with Special Needs" with Julie Dreher
We may begin homeschooling because we know our student needs help unavailable elsewhere, or we may encounter unforeseen difficulties along the way. In either case, parents and children facing special needs in the homeschool need to be encouraged and equipped for the particular challenges they face. This session will emphasize practical help for parents in finding the resources their families need in order to flourish together.

“Land ahoy! Making Gardening & Natural Play Part of Your Homeschool”
with Elizabeth Lewis & Jennifer Hartenburg.

"Charting a Course Through Mutiny: when Students are Uncooperative" with Dr. Mark Tarpley
The education of our children at its foundations is a spiritual labor.   As we seek to chart a safe course across the open waters of education, we will encounter the rough waters of uncooperativeness by our children.  The reasons are multifold.  Yet, the Church Fathers offer guidance in these times of challenge.  They remind us that God is with us and every moment is an opportunity for an encounter with grace.  Further, while the challenge and pain may feel acute at the time of uncooperativeness, a successful navigator sees beyond the immediate challenge and stays committed to the charted course that leads to the raising of holy men and women of God.  This session seeks to provide practical measures during these moments and periods of uncooperativeness rooted in the ethos of the Church Fathers. 


Session 2

"Charting a Course While Under Attack: Facing Outside Enemies" with Dr. Mark Tarpley
The journey across the open waters of education will undoubtedly result in attacks from outside enemies.  The nature of these attacks can vary and being prepared to see them coming and knowing how to establish a good defense is imperative to staying the course. Attacks from the outside can include direct spiritual attacks against the helmsman of the ship such as doubt and fatigue, attacks that infiltrate the home like spies from within such as technology and curriculum, and brute force attacks from the outside including the radical shifts in the culture of our time.  Each of these forms of attack poses their own challenges.  This session will consider each of these three types of attacks and offer ways to anticipate and combat them in the homeschooling atmosphere within the ethos of the Church Fathers.  

"Charting a Course Through High School and Beyond" with Dr. John Mark Reynolds
If you know what you want your student to gain from high school and any further education, then you can get what you want. I will pose a series of questions that will help focus high school education and then present what research tells us students will need in the next fifty years (their career/work lives) to be successful. More than external success, we will also discuss how education can strengthen virtue.

"Mapping Your Way Through the Church Year: Building Your Homeschool Around the Church Calendar" with Jennifer Sierra

"A Literary Map: Choosing the Best Literature for Your Homeschool"
with Benjamin Lyda


Session 3

"Charting a Course for Community With Non-Orthodox Homeschoolers"
with Gary Hartenburg

"The Captain: the Role of Fathers in the Homeschool" (Roundtable)
with Benjamin Lyda and Fr. Noah Bushelli

"Getting Back on Course: Securing Your Child's Attention (and Recovering It) for a Lesson"
with Matt Bianco

"Staying the Course in Your Home: Homeschool & Housework" (Roundtable)
with Mary Kaufmann, Pres Dorothea Anetsi and Jennifer Sierra